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California Medical Cannabis Service Provider

Assisting California Registered Proposition 215 / SB420 Medical Patients Only. A valid medical cannabis recommendation issued by a California licensed physician is required.

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California Medical Cannabis Service Provider

Chernobyl - Sativa Hybrid

Chernobyl - Sativa Dominate Hybrid - TGA Genetics

Uplifting, euphoric, creative, happy and relaxed are common all common words and attributes to this fine medical strain.Recommended Treatment for: Depression, Stress, Pain & Headaches.

THC 24.12 %, CBD 0.04 %, CBN 0.06 %, Moisture 3.35 %

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Ripped Bubba - Indica Hybrid

Ripped Bubba is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid bred by TGA Genetics that crosses a resin-heavy Pre 98 Bubba Kush with the flavorful and euphoric sativa Jack the Ripper.

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Jesus OG - Sativa Hybrid

(Jesus OG) Sativa Medical Hybrid:
Grade A Organic Medicine.
Recommended treatment for: Stress, Headaches, Depression, Pain, Nausea, Muscle Spasms, & Inflammation.

THC 22.34 %, CBD 0.04 %, CBN 0.04 %, Moisture 4.11 %

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Afghani Bullrider - Indica

Afghani Bullrider - Indica Hybrid:

 Grade A Organic Medicine. Delivers a strong body effect without the full sedative effects some indicas cause. Recommended treatment for: Bipolar DisorderAnxietyMigrainesADD/ADHDAlzheimer's

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J1 - Sativa Hybrid

J1 -  Grade A+ Sativa Hybrid, Highest Quality, 100% Organic Medicine. Recommended treatment for: Anixety, ADD/ADHDMigrainesArthritisPTSD, Pain and Inflamation.

THC 22.38 %, CBD 0.03 %, CBN 0.04 %, Moisture 3.45 % 

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Phantom Cookies - Sativa Hybrid

  Phantom Cookies -  Cherry Pie x Grand Daddy Purple -   Recommended treatment for: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Headaches,
Pain Relief, Nausea, Bi Polar Disorders, Pain & Inflammation.

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Gummy Bears - Indica Hybrid

(Gummy Bears) Medicinal Indica Hybrid - TrueBerry OG x Big Lemon
Grade A Organic Medicine.
Recommended treatment for: Stress, Headaches, Depression, Pain, Nausea, Muscle Spasms, & Inflammation.

THC 31.82 %, CBD 0.01 %, CBN 0.02 %, Moisture 2.77 %

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Blueberry Haze - Sativa Hybrid

(Blueberry Haze) Sativa Hybrid - Highest Quality, Grade A+ Organic Medication. 

Recommended treatment for: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pain, Inflammation, Depression, Migraines & Bi Polar disorders. 

THC 21.44 %, CBD 0.01 %, CBN 0.01 %, Moisture 6.69 %

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Romulan- Indica Hybrid

Romulan -  Indica Dominate Medicinal Hybird. Grade A+ Organic Medicine. Recommended treatment for: Anxiety, Stomach and GI inflammation, Headaches, Insomnia, Hypertension, General Stress Relief, Anti inflammatory & Anti Spasmodic.

THC 22.34 %, CBD 0.04 %, CBN 0.04 %, Moisture 4.11 %

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Hawaiian Afghan - Indica Hybrid

(Hawaiian Afghan)™ Enlightened Medical Hybrid. 50/50 Hybrid GRADE A+ Highest Quality Organic Medication. Recommended treatment for: Anxiety, Bi Polar Disorder, Headaches, Hypertension, Low Libido, PTSD, Restless Leg Syndrome, & as an Anti Inflammatory.

THC 27.62 %, THCA 0.21 %, CBD 0.14 %, CBN 0.76 %, CBG 0.32 %

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Sour Diesel - Sativa Hybrid

Invigorating sativa-dominant strain named after its pungent aroma. Grade A+ Sativa Dominate Medical Hybrid: 

Recommended treatment for: Depression, Stress Relief, Anger, Bipolar Disorder, Alzheimer's, Migraines.

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Shark Shock - Indica Hybrid

Shark Shock -  Enlightened Medical Indica Hybrid.

Recommended Treatment for: Insomnia, Anxiety, Bi Polar Disorder, Headaches, Hypertension & Pain.

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Endo Kush - Indica

(ENDO Kush™) Endocannabinoid Kush- Medicinal Indica Dominate Hybrid. Highest Quality Organic Medication. Recommended treatment for: Insomnia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Aches, Pain Relief, Nausea, Insomnia, GI Inflammation & Side Effects from Chemotherapy.

THC 25.14 %, CBD 0.04 %, CBN 0.05 %, Moisture 3.30 %

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Blackberry Kush - Indica

 (Blackberry Kush) Indica Hybrid- Highest Quality, Grade A+ Organic Medication.Recommended treatment for: Insomnia,Nausea,Severe Pain, Joint inflammation,Muscles Spasms, Side Effects From Chemotherapy & Fibrosis Myalgia.

THC 25.68 %, CBD 0.16 %, CBN 0.010 %, Moisture 8.60 %


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INDI CANNA - Infused CBD Tea Blends

 INDI CANNA: All Natural CBD Tea Blends -  Morning, Daytime & Evening Blends.  (2) bags per package. Recommended Treatment For: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia & Muscle Tension.

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CannaNeb - The worlds first and only cannabis nebulizer.

Introducing CannaNeb, The worlds first and only cannabis nebulizer. The CannaNeb system uses compressed air through an atomizer to create a fine mist of 1 to 5 microns, without the use of heat or combustion.

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Pure C02 Oil / Wax Resin Concentrated Extract

Pure C02 Oil / Wax Resin Concentrated Extract.   Comes in the form of a light, golden crumble wax to a hardened clear amber texture.  Concentrate refers to a high purity and potency.  Use With Caution,  Very Strong, Do Not Operate Vehicles or Machinary.  

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Pure Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges 500mg - Co2 Extracted

 Pure Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges - 500mg

100% Pure Unadulterated Extracted Oil.  No additives, No Butane, No Glycerin, No Propylene Glycol, No Plastics.

All natural oils are made of the highest quality, lab tested plant flowers using a super critical liquid C02 extraction process.

Cartridges are made from Glass, Polished Alloy Metals & Ceramic Materials.  No Plastic Tank, No Wicks.


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INDI CANNA - Human Tinctures

All Natural Tincture Extracts (Human & Pets Formulas) -  Recommended treatment for: Nausea, Pain Management, Anti Inflammatory, Insomnia, PTSD, Fibrosis Myalgia, Anxiety or applied as a topical analgesic for localized pain.

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INDI CANNA - Organic Healing Topical Balms

Organic Healing Topical Canna Balm. Apply Topically To The Skin.  Recommended For: Muscle Pain, Arthritis,Cramps, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Minor Burns, Joint Aches & Inflammation.

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Legal Disclaimer

Greenz Direct® operates in compliance with California laws and in accordance with Proposition 215-The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, Senate Bill 420, Health and Saftey Codes 11357, 11357a, 11358, 11360, 11362.5, 11362.7 and .83 and all state laws and guidelines required and set forth by the California Attorney General to ensure the security of all cannabis cultivated and distributed is strictly for medical use only. 

Following California MMP, safe access and sensibility laws and regulations set forth by the state of California, All requests will be processed once the registered patients medical recommendation has been approved and verified by the California licensed physician issuing the medical recommendation.

Please note, you are responsible to understand your state and county laws related to the use of medical cannabis. You are solely responsible for the quantity limitations by your local county once the medical cannabis is in your possession as Greenz Direct® follows the regulations in State of California.

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