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California Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

*Free Overnight Delivery - Certified & insured directly to your door.

Assisting California Registered Prop215 / SB420 Patients Only. A verified medical cannabis recommendation issued by a California licensed physician is required.

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Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

Jay's Pre-Rolls 100% Flowers

 Jay's Pre-Rolls - Premium Quality - Lab Tested - Natural Papers (10) Pre Rolled Joints with filter and Hemp Wick Included.

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Chem Valley Kush

ChemValley Kush - Indica Dominate Hybrid: SFV OG Kush X Chem Dawg Genetics.

 Provides quality appetite stimulation, physical energy, and helps relieve depression.

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Apothecary Genetics Seeds

 Greenz Direct is now the exclusive distributor of Apothecary Genetic Seeds for California Medical Prop215 patients.

 We are now offering some of the best cannabis cup winning seed stock now made available to our registered collective members.

 Seeds are available (10) per package. 


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Jesus OG - Sativa Hybrid

(Jesus OG) Sativa Medical Hybrid:
Grade A Organic Medicine.
Recommended treatment for: Stress, Headaches, Depression, Pain, Nausea, Muscle Spasms, & Inflammation.

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*Afghani Bullrider - Indica

Afghani Bullrider - Indica Hybrid:

 Grade A Organic Medicine. Delivers a strong body effect without the full sedative effects some indicas cause. Recommended treatment for: Bipolar DisorderAnxietyMigrainesADD/ADHDAlzheimer's

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Pennywise - Indica Dominate Hybrid

Pennywise - Indica Dominate Hybrid

Rich in the therapeutic compound CBD, Pennywise is especially effective in treating arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and cancer symptoms.

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Micky Kush - Sativa Hybrid

(Micky Kush) - TGA Genetics

Sweet Irish Kush x Jack The Ripper

Sativa Domininate Medicinal Hybrid  - 100% Organic Medicine. Recommended treatment for: Nausea, ADD/ADHDMigraines, Pain & Depression

*Reduced donation due to smaller, less dense flowers. These flowers are airy but still very effective medicine. (Limited Quanity Available)

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3rd Dimension - Full Spectrum Hybrid

  "New" The 3rd Dimension , Grade A+ Exclusive Full Spectrum Enlightened,Medical Hybrid:

Highest Quality Organic Medication.
Recommended treatment for: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Headaches,
Pain Relief, Nausea, Bi Polar Disorders, Pain & Inflammation.

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*Anesthesia - Indica

(Anesthesia) Indica Medical Hybrid.
Highest Quality, Grade A+ Organic Medication.
Recommended treatment for:
Severe Pain Management,Stress Management,Muscle Spasms,GI Digestion Disorders,Side Effects From Chemotherapy & Insomnia.

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*Gummy Bears - Indica Hybrid

(Gummy Bears) Medicinal Indica Hybrid - TrueBerry OG x Big Lemon
Grade A Organic Medicine.
Recommended treatment for: Stress, Headaches, Depression, Pain, Nausea, Muscle Spasms, & Inflammation.

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*Blueberry Haze - Indica

(Blueberry Haze) Indica Hybrid - Highest Quality, Grade A+ Organic Medication. 

Recommended treatment for: Pain, Insomnia, Inflammation,Depression,Anxiety,Migraines & Bi Polar disorders. 

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*XXX OG - Indica

(Triple XXX OG) Grade A+ Exclusive Indica Medical Hybrid. Highest Quality, 100% Organic Medication. Recommended treatment for: Chronic Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Muscle Aches, Inflammation & Menstrual Cramps.

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*LSD - Indica Hybrid

"New" (LSD) (Barneys Farm Genetics) - 2008 Cannabis Cup Winner.  Indica Dominate Medicinal Hybird. Grade A+ Organic Medicine. Recommended treatment for: Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Headaches, Insomnia, Hypertension & General Stress Relief, Anti inflammatory & Anti Spasmodic.

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*Hawaiian Afghan - Indica Hybrid

(Hawaiian Afghan)™ Enlightened Medical Hybrid. 50/50 Hybrid GRADE A+ Highest Quality Organic Medication. Recommended treatment for: Anxiety, Bi Polar Disorder, Headaches, Hypertension, Low Libido, PTSD, Restless Leg Syndrome, & as an Anti Inflammatory.

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*Pineapple Express - Sativa

(Pineapple Express) PEX - Grade A+ Organic Sativa Dominate Medical Hybrid: Recommended treatment for: Depression, Stress Relief, Anger, Bipolar Disorder, Nervous Conditions, Alzheimer's, Migraines.

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GDP - Indica

"NEW" (GDP)™ Medical Hybrid - Indica Dominate. Highest Quality, 100% Organic, Grade A+ Medication. Recommended treatment for: Anxiety,Depression, Bi Polar Disorder, Headaches, Muscle Aches, Hypertension, & Pain.

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*LemOrange - Sativa

(LemOrange) Agent Orange x Super Lemon Haze. Organic, Sativa Medical Hybrid. Recommended Treatment For: Head Aches, Inflammation, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Muscle Spasms, Neck, Joint Pain & Smooth Muscle Relaxant.

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Blackwater OG - Indica

Blackwater OG -  Enlightened Medical Indica Hybrid. Recommended Treatment for: Insomnia, Anxiety, Bi Polar Disorder, Headaches, Hypertension & Pain.

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*Endo Kush - Indica

(ENDO Kush™) Endocannabinoid Kush- Medicinal Indica Dominate Hybrid. Highest Quality Organic Medication. Recommended treatment for: Insomnia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Aches, Pain Relief, Nausea, Insomnia, GI Inflammation & Side Effects from Chemotherapy.

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*Blackberry Kush - Indica





                                               (Blackberry Kush) Indica Hybrid- Highest Quality, Grade A+ Organic Medication.Recommended treatment for: Insomnia,Nausea,Severe Pain, Joint inflammation,Muscles Spasms, Side Effects From Chemotherapy & Fibrosis Myalgia.


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 Overnight Delivery, Monday - Friday, Anywhere in California. Receive your medication fast, delivered directly to your door. 

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*Requests after 3:00pm will be processed the following business day.  

*Minimum $100 donation for free delivery.  *Handling fee may apply.

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Legal Disclaimer

Greenz Direct® operates in compliance with California laws and in accordance with Proposition 215-The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, and all state laws and guidelines required by the California Attorney General to ensure the security of all cannabis grown and distributed for medical use only.

Following California MMP, safe access and sensibility laws and regulations set forth by the state of California. Requests will be processed once medical recommendation has been verified by a licensed physician.

Please note, you are responsible to understand your state and county laws related to the use of medical cannabis. You are solely responsible for the quantity limitations by your local county once the medical cannabis is in your possession as Greenz Direct® follows the regulations in State of California.

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